New Year is Coming..did you know how to say these in Chinese?

Happy New Year

New Year 2016 is coming! I want to be the first one to say “Happy New Year!”…wait maybe a bit too early…but it’s never too late to learn the Chinese characters related to New Year!


Happy New Year 2016!

Key Words

Happy =  快 樂  (kuài  lè)

New Year = 新 年(xīn  nián)

To congratulate, respectively wishing one joy= 恭 喜 (gōng  xǐ)

To become rich =  發 財 (fā  cái)

Red envelope =  紅 包 (hóng  bāo)

Bring = 拿 來 (ná  lái)

Don’t forget = 別 忘 了 (bié wàng le)

Sentences using Key Words

Wish you a Happy New Year! = 祝  新 年 快 樂! (zhù nǐ xīn nián kuài lè!)

Congratulate, respectively wishing a joy, and to become rich! = 恭 喜 發 財 (gōng  xǐ  fā  cái)

Don’t forget to bring red envelope = 別 忘 了 紅 包 拿 來 (bié wàng le hóng bāo ná  lái)


Click the audio link or play button above to learn how to say “Happy New Year!”


“新 年” (xīn  nián) means “New Year” in Chinese.  “快 樂” (kuài  lè) means “happy”.  In English, we say “Happy New Year!”.  However, in Chinese, it’s the opposite.  We say “New Year Happy” or “新 年 快 樂“. Click Here to learn how to use the word “Happy” in Chinese.  I can’t believe Thursday is the last day of 2015. (p.s. I am in California)   I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Practice makes perfect! I am here to help, so if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soonest. If you like what you’ve just learned, please share this blog with your friends or follow me by entering your e-mail on the right hand side!  謝 謝!!

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