Learn Chinese Day #183 welcome

English: Welcome

Chinese: 歡 迎

pronunciation: huān yíng

WelcomeWelcome to the shop! Welcome to the restaurant! 歡迎光臨!  Have you heard of those phrases in English or Chinese? I bet you have! “Welcome” is a very common word in English.  Same for Chinese. For example, if you go to a store or restaurant in Taiwan, the first thing you often hear from a clerk is “歡迎光臨” which literally means “welcome to visit”.  The first word “歡” means “happy” and the second word “迎” means “greeting”.  So…歡迎, happy greeting is “welcome”!

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Another example is 歡迎來家 (huān yíng lái wǒ jiā) which means “welcome to my home”.  Practice makes perfect! If you like what you’ve just learned, please share this blog with your friends !  謝 謝!!

Photo Credit :normlwomensalliance.org 

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